Solar Panels Sorrento


Do you want to install solar power at your Sorrento home or company? Use your roof space to generate your own electricity and save on your regular power bill! Solar Smart Electrical is a solar energy company that designs, installs, maintains, and upgrades solar power systems in Sorrento. A solar panel system is the most popular of all renewable energy sources. It’s time you benefit from free electricity! Green energy generation reduces the use of fossil fuels and your carbon footprint – and saves you money!

When installing solar panels, Sorrento residents trust Solar Smart Electrical

Solar Smart Electrical is an accredited solar company and Clean Energy Council approved solar installer that delivers high-quality solar solutions. Many Sorrento homes and businesses now generate electricity with solar PV systems. We ensure your system delivers optimal savings based on your current energy consumption and budget. Already have a solar power system and want more solar capacity? We can add more solar panels, upgrade the solar inverter and expand your solar system.

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Budget-friendly Cost-efficient solar panels Sorrento

Solar Smart Electrical has been in the solar industry since its inception. We are a local solar installer working in and around Sorrento offering solar installation services. We work with top solar brands and the most up-to-date solar technology. We are your local solar experts and can make sure you get the best solar PV system for your house or business in Sorrento. Solar Smart Electrical offers:

  • Site analysis and feasibility study
  • Recommendations for solar power installation
  • Design and installation of solar panel systems
  • Calculation of savings on electricity bills
  • Repairs and upgrades to existing solar systems

Why People choose Solar Smart Electrical for Solar Panels in Sorrento

We are the #1 choice to install solar panels in Sorrento. With Solar Smart Electrical, you get:

  • Analysis of current energy bills, electricity usage, costs, and potential savings
  • The best solar system for your specific energy needs
  • Help with solar rebates
  • A highly-skilled solar installation team
  • Local, independent solar system designers
  • The best solar energy resources and leading-edge solar products
  • All work guaranteed
  • Unrivalled sales support and service
  • System performance warranty

Solar solutions in Sorrento

  • High-performance solar panels, solar inverters and solar batteries
  • Installations, upgrades, repairs
  • residential & commercial solar


How do solar panels work?

A solar panel converts heat energy from the sun into direct current electricity (DC). The solar inverter then converts the DC into alternating current (AC) to use in your home or business.

Are solar panels worth it in Sorrento?

Yes. Solar panels cost less to install now, and with solar installed, you can expect to save money on energy bills and use feed-in tariffs to sell surplus electricity or excess energy to the grid. Installation costs vary depending on the size of the solar power system, solar rebate, and how much solar energy you self consume.

How many solar panels are needed to power a typical house in Sorrento?

Most residential solar power systems have around 15 solar panels installed. We design the ideal solar power system based on your budget, electricity consumption, and location.