Residential Solar


Many homeowners have already switched to residential solar power to create cleaner energy and reduce carbon emissions. Why? Because a solar panel system is a wise investment, and including battery storage makes it even more worthwhile to go green!

Solar Smart Electrical is an accredited solar company with 10+ years of experience installing solar panels, solar inverters, and solar battery systems.

Home Solar Explained

A solar panel works by converting energy from the sun into DC electricity (direct current). A solar inverter converts the DC electricity into AC electricity (alternating current) for domestic use.

In residential solar power systems, the inverter optimises the solar power available before consuming any power from the grid. Grid-connected systems allow you to sell excess electricity from the solar power system through feed-in tariffs.

Can you run your house only on solar?

Off-grid residential solar systems use a battery storage system to store generated electricity until it is needed. These solar systems are becoming more popular as they can eliminate regular electricity bills and make your home energy independent.

Is a solar PV system on your house worth it?

For a typical household, solar batteries can help optimise a solar system. Using stored electricity generated during daylight hours can significantly reduce your power bills and avoid the need to buy expensive electricity from an energy retailer.

Some factors that will determine if it’s worth installing a solar power system:

  • How many individual panels will fit in limited roof space
  • The current solar export feed-in tariff in your area
  • Grid connection requirements

Understanding Australia’s solar rebate

Introduced in 2011, the small scale renewable energy scheme (SRES) is an Australian government initiative supporting renewables in the Australian market. SRES offers Small scale Technology Certificates (STCs) to homes/businesses installing solar power systems that generate less power than 200 kW. STCs or solar rebates are issued for new Clean Energy Council accredited solar installations. Solar rebates reduce the installation costs for homeowners.

How do you benefit from going solar?

Apart from the positive environmental effect, you get other benefits when you install a solar photovoltaic system:

  • Reduce your energy bill
  • Generate electricity FREE
  • Stop relying on the electricity grid
  • Store surplus electricity to use later
  • Solar panels add appeal and value to your home
  • Earn money by selling excess energy back to the grid

How much will I save on my electricity bills?

First, we must determine the size of the solar system that best suits your needs. Because electricity prices vary when buying and selling electricity, it’s crucial to know how much electricity the solar system can produce and store.

Solar Smart Electrical can help you determine:

  • Your typical energy consumption
  • How many solar panels will be optimal
  • The potential savings on your energy bills
  • How much solar energy you could sell back to your electricity retailer
  • The payback period

Why Choose Us for Solar panels in Mornington Peninsula

Solar power is an expensive asset, and we recommend high-quality solar PV systems to avoid problems down the line. We install high-performance solar products such as panels, inverters and batteries.

When choosing a solar installation company, you need the best solar installer. Solar Smart Electrical can recommend the most appropriate system size to fit your residential solar needs. The benefits of hiring Solar Smart Electrical include:

  • Local accredited solar installers
  • 10 years of industry experience
  • Tier 1 solar products
  • 500+ residential solar installations
  • Exceptional customer service

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