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Solar Smart Electrical

Quality Products, Professional installations

Solar Smart Electrical Pty Ltd is a family owned business operating since 1981 and is a local business based on the Mornington Penninsula. With over 500 PV solar system installations of experience and countless electrical projects completed over the years, we know what it takes to satisfy our clients.

The keys to our success & reputation are formed within a service commitment to:

▪                Excellent Quality.

▪                Professionalism.

We value our relationship with our customers, and will assist you to make the right decision for your home or business.

Solar Smart Electrical will provide a qualified electrician to understand your solar or electrical requirements, provide a quotation and perform the work to a high competent standard.

Our business has been built on its reputation through repeat business and referrals. We pride ourselves on a “no call back” philosophy which means on time, the first time and within the agreed scope as agreed with our clients prior to commencing any works.

Advantages of using Solar Smart Electrical:

  1. Local Business

  2. Accredited Solar Installers

  3. Qualified Electricians

  4. Attend site before providing a quote.

  5. Over 500 PV solar installations of experience in the residential and commercial markets

  6. Top tier inverters and panels 

  7. After care service

Some of the disadvantages of using non reputable solar companies:

  1. Sub contractors are employed to install these solar systems. What quality of install are you actually getting and are they accredited installers?

  2. Most companies provide quotes by simply looking at your roof via Near Map. Would you buy a new kitchen via the internet or phone without someone attending site? If the answer is No, then why buy a solar system over the phone.

  3. Additional charges are quite common when buying from a company that has not attended site. Sub contractor solar installers don't like to install the unexpected.

  4. Are you buying quality products? The term 'you get what you pay for' rings very true in the solar industry.

  5. Will this company still be in business in 5 years time to service your warranties if the products fail?

  6. Will you receive after care service if a problem arises? This seems to be the biggest issue in the solar industry because when a product fails, so do the companies ability to provide customer service to have this rectified.


Products We Offer

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You have one rooftop and one chance to invest

SunPower high efficiency solar technology is the best choice for space-constrained rooftops. With higher energy production per square metre you need less roof space to achieve your electricity production goals.

SunPower panels produce more electricity than other leading brands; this can translate into more savings for you.

• More electricity at sunrise and sunset, and on cloudy days

  • More electricity throughout the day with better energy conversion across the light spectrum

  • More electricity at high temperatures

  • 25 year combined product and performance warranties which is the best in the industry.

Feel the Power

SolarEdge's award-winning technology achieves higher solar PV production than traditional systems. By using power optimisers, which are connected to each solar panel on your roof, and a SolarEdge inverter, the output of each panel is optimised. This design brings multiple benefits including panel-level, online monitoring and superior safety features.
By installing a SolarEdge solar PV system, you can easily upgrade it in the future with our battery storage and home automation solutions, all under the control of a single SolarEdge inverter.

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Powerful Performance

Battery storage is the future of energy in the home. Whether you want to extend your current system or start generating power with a complete solar power package, battery storage will help you achieve your goals.

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Solar Smart Electrical

An investment in solar is a long-term economic investment (25-years plus), it pays not to take shortcuts.

It’s important to ask questions before making a 25-year solar investment, such as:

- Who is the solar panel manufacturer?
- How efficient are the panels?
- How much energy will the system produce? - How long is the warranty cover?

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Our Testimonials

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Michelle Kumm

We highly recommend Mathew Taylor of Solar Smart Electrical Pty Ltd.

We were referred to Matt after initially making enquiries with other solar installation companies and finding either their explanations, attitude, understanding and/or quotations lacking.

During our initial enquiries, Matt was very helpful and knowledgeable and helped to clarify our questions and consolidate our options.  The quotation was expedient and well-priced. 

"This is a Testimonial. Let your customers tell the world how great you are."

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"This is a Testimonial. Let your customers tell the world how great you are."

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