Commercial Solar


FIND OUT HOW MUCH YOU CAN SAVE ON ELECTRICITY BILLS WITH US TODAY!. As approved solar installers, we have an unrivalled track record in the industry. We have significant expertise developed by installing over 500 commercial solar PV system solutions.

Our team has the know-how to make your business a success with our solar system solutions.

We’ll work closely with you, providing expert advice on how you can benefit from this environmentally friendly power source!

Commercial Solar Systems

What size is a commercial solar power system?

Commercial-size installations come in different forms, ranging from 30 kilowatts (kW) to 5 megawatts (MW) – big enough for a small town! We can custom design a solar solution to meet your needs!

Three distinct size breaks for commercial systems:

  • Up to 30 kW for small enterprises (cafe, shop, etc.) with limited roof space.
  • 30-100 kW for large retail shops, warehouse facilities, and similar.
  • 100 kW-5 MW for large shopping malls, universities, or office complexes.

A commercial solar system generates clean energy that meets consumer needs while countering climate change!

The heaviest energy consumers benefit most from a solar system, such as large retailers and office buildings.

Designing such a system requires extensive knowledge and experience. We offer to consult on the design and sustainability of any proposed large scale solar system.

Our Solar Projects

We provide customised solutions, from quality residential solar systems to complex renewable energy solutions for Australian companies. Our commercial team delivers the best quality solar system for all our clients.

Cutting your energy costs will allow your business to grow! Going solar also improves sustainability as well as corporate social responsibility.

Solar Storage

Efficient energy storage is the icing on the solar cake!

We collaborate with EVO Power to provide scalable battery storage systems. Our battery storage systems store electricity until needed for consumption. Control when you use the stored energy to avoid power blackouts and peak demand energy rates.

We offer 100 kW/250 kWh to 5 MW/20 MWh battery storage solutions for commercial and industrial applications.

Potential macro-benefits from investment in medium and large-scale solar systems

We support the renewable energy objectives and sustainability targets in Australia. Solar electricity can support demand during daytime hours and reduce electricity costs for consumers. Investment in solar power projects also helps boost the economy and create more jobs.


Getting your solar panels installed by Solar Smart Electrical is a fantastic decision! Installing solar has many advantages. And we ensure you get the maximum benefits!

  • We assess your current electricity costs and help you transition to green energy.
  • The initial cost savings are significant, but you save even more over time.
  • The cost per watt or kilowatt-hour of electricity generated using our commercial solar installations is cheaper than residential solar panels.
  • Upgrade your system as your company expands.
  • We use exclusively top-tier solar panels and inverters.
  • Financing options with excellent cash flow from day one.

We ensure solar energy benefits your business for a sustainable future!

The Solar Rebate – STCs

With current high electricity prices, many organisations want a more affordable option. Businesses can use STCs (Small-scale Technology Certificates) and the Australian Solar Rebates for Business to avoid expensive power bills.

Commercial solar makes sense because it reduces electricity costs – not just this year but for many years!


We perform a comprehensive energy usage assessment and analysis of payback time. Our team conducts a feasibility study so you can see how your business in Australia can benefit from a solar installation.

The importance of IRR and discount cash flow

Before investing in solar, you must understand the concepts of IRR and discount cash flow.

  • IRR is the Internal Rate of Return on a project – for a solar installation to be financially viable, the IRR needs to be higher than the company’s cost of capital.
  • Discount cash flow – determines how much money you save by transitioning to solar. We compare your current electricity costs with the cost of solar energy over time.

We’ll look at how much electricity you use, average daily electricity consumption, and determine the optimal solution for your business.

Contact us today to discover how your business could benefit from having solar installed!